Guesthouse Fazenda Almada

September 2021: Our Yoga-Project startet successfully

We successfully completed our first three day yoga retreat. Our group, consisting of six participants, spent the days in peace and relaxation. We practiced Asanas yoga postures in the woods, by the water and on the top of our local mountain to the sounds of birds and the wind. Campfire talks, delicious Ayurvedic recipes, a dip in the pool of the waterfall, the boat trip to the Encantada lagoon and numerous meditations formed a wonderful weekend.
Thanks to everyone who took part: Carol, André, Andreza, Gustavo, Reca and again André.
Many thanks also to our Almada team who contributed to the success of the program: Paulo Sanjines, Antônia, Greice, Zé Pequeno, Rodrigo, Júnior, Seu Tico.

Carline & Juliana

January 2021: through the hard times

The spread of the Corona Virus Covid 19 has hit the Fazenda Almada hard. So far we have been spared personally. There were practically no infections on the farm and in the surrounding villages. Nonetheless, our guest house operation almost completely came to a standstill. Fortunately, nature gave us plenty of rain during this time, so that we could bring in a relatively good cocoa harvest. This enablked us to keep the farm alive and our team in wages and bread. Nevertheless, we are of course happy, when the first guests come again and enjoy the Almada experience with all their senses. The gates are open fo you. Distance and hygiene are ensured.

January 2020: Chocolate for all guests

Fortunately, a large majority of us humans appreciate good chocolate.
It is therefore obvious that visitors who come to our cocoa farm can make their own "food of the gods".
Since last year we have bought a chocolate machine that has already provided many sweet moments for our guests. There is always enough to take home as a souvenir of the time on Almada.


January 2019: our promise

Since the first of January 2019, Brazil has a new government. Where they lead the country can only be speculated.

At Fazenda Almada, we believe that all human beings are the same, regardless of their skin color, gender, descent and sexual orientation.
We live the respectful interaction with each other. Our belief is that we can not destroy nature anymore. We need more forests to keep biodiversity healthy, and the climate stable. We have committed ourselves to these values.

Fazenda Almada will continue to offer our guests and friends great adventures, tranquility and unforgettable nature experiences.

August 2018: Eine gute Kakaosaison

After the devastating drought caused by the climate phenomenon "El Nino" in 2016, this year is the first really good cocoa season, with plenty of rain and sunny days. We have a reasonable harvest, and people a modest but sufficient income. Unfortunately, scientists speak again about the danger of a new awakening climate anomaly, as the global temperatures have been consistently too high in recent years. We are very worried and hope that enough rain will come in gthe future. There's no life without water.

January 2018: Culture meets Nature

The capoeira group "Fenix ​​Negra" visited the Fazenda Almada. We were able to experience wonderful performances of this Brazilian martial arts dance. In return, we have enabled children and adolescents to experience the beauty of nature. From their home, the favelas of the city of Salvador, the rainforest is unfortunately very far away in their everyday lives. A meeting which visitors and visitors enjoyed very much.

June - August 2017: Tree planters are guests on Almada

Three months long, people from various countries are busy recreating a species-rich forest on former cow pastures of the Fazenda Almada. This year the management has for the first time the newly established organization for rainforest protection: AMAP (Almada Mata Atlantica Project, They will ensure that the reforested areas get the highest protection status wich is possible in Brazil. A gift to future generations for climate and species protection.

Foto: Lars Richter

June 2017: The renovation is finished, the guest house is opened!

It took almost one year, and was hard work. We are proud that we can now open the doors of our completely renovated main house for guests. Everybody is very happy about the result. It has succeeded to carry the style of the past days to modernity, and at the same time creating a contemporary pousada for recreation-seeking and curious visitors. Welcome to yesterday, without leaving today.

January 2017: Our little church shines in new splendor!

At the turn of the year our chapel got a new painting. It now shines in traditional white on the walls, and fresh blue on doors and windows. We are waiting for the first lovers, who dare to give themselves the "yes" word on our farm. We like to organize an unforgettable wedding for you. Just ask us!

November 2016: Safe tropical rainforest with AMAP!

AMAP (Almada Mata Atlantica Project) is our non-profit nature conservation organization. We plant tropical rainforests in the area of the Fazenda Almada, and provide their permanent protection. Help us to help one of the most biodiverse, but also endangered ecosystems on earth. Engaged people from Brazil and Germany are working on this important task with a lot of passion under the banner of AMAP. You can find all information about volunteering for the planting of trees, as well as financial contributions, on our homepage:

August 2016: Renovation has begun

After a long time of planing, the renovation of the old main building has begun. We are happy, that we found ways to restore this jewel of colonial times, without losing the charme of the old days.

"Fazenda Almada" Teaser

This little teaser enables a first glipse on our little paradies at the edge of the cacao-forest.