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Vacations With Us

For your dream holiday, we have taken care to select only the best of what our farm and the region have to offer. We want you to go home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and raving about the Cocoa Coast for years to come. For up to nine people, our picturesque guest house offers peace and relaxation, whether by the pool, in the garden or on the veranda in the colonial style ambience. Depending on your mood, you can experience numerous discoveries and adventures. There is something for every age group.

"Caminhos da Almada" - the hiking trails

The Fazenda is located in a scenic area, close to the Almada River, the Cabruca and a mountain range. In this environment, we have been working on five different long walks and hikes on which our guests can experience nature.

The happiness of this earth lies on the back of the horses - the riding tours

Not only horse-lovers will enjoy exploring with these wonderful animals. There are many paths in the region for which there is hardly a better way of mobility than the Almada horses. Our experienced guides will also guide beginners safely through the terrain.

Yoga & Ayuverda

The Almada Farm is the perfect place to achieve peace and wellbeing. That is why we have developed the “Nature Yoga” program with the aim of teaching our guests yoga and meditation practices and connecting them closely with nature.

The experience of this retreat includes meditations at dawn and at the end of the day. We teach Asanas yoga practices in the midst of nature - combined with hikes through the rainforest and bathing in the waterfalls of the Encantada lagoon. In the evening we sit around the campfire for a cozy exchange and make our own chocolate during the days. We also serve Ayurvedic food, through which our participants receive a nutritious diet that promotes longevity, vitality, and physical and mental health.

The "Nature Yoga" team consists of:

Juliana Torres de Cerqueira Lima
Owner of the Fazenda Almada and co-founder of "Nature Yoga"

Carline Piva
Yoga and meditation teacher and co-founder of "Nature Yoga"

Gustavo Engelmann
Ayuverda nutrition specialist

It is necessary to make appointments with Juliana in advance so that we can prepare the program with the team for you.

The delicate temptation - making chocolate

What would be a cocoa arm without its own chocolate. In a specially converted room, we will produce Almada chocolate with you, which you can take home as a souvenir.

The monkeys race through the forest - the visit of the golden-headed tamarins

Together with our specalist Bila you can go on the search for the golden-headed tamarins. These charming guys jump from tree to tree in the forest and can be observed quite well. With a little bit of luck and patience, the monkeys come very close during their search for food and you can look them directly into their eyes. A wonderful, deeply touching encounter and one of the highlights of our offers.

(This tour is subject to charges)

To the "Lagoa Encantada" - a day on the Almada river

Our farm is located near the banks of the river Almada, after which it was named. With a boat, you explore the farm boundary and the further course of this waterway during this day trip. Bats can be observed on rock walls. You glide past picturesque gallery forest, which lays the banks of the Rio Almada on either side. The landscape here resembles the Pantanal, Brazil's famous, huge wetland area. Our goal is the "Lagoa Encantada", a large lake separated from the ocean long time ago. On their shores you visit a small village, where you can enjoy delicious local lunch. In the afternoon, the boat crosses the lagoon and ships with you a small river upstream to two waterfalls. This place is great for a refreshing swim. 

(This tour is subject to charges)


This day trip takes you to the region north of Ilhéus. This area is still blessed with quite a lot of nature. There are many sustainable tourism concepts, which focus on the preservation of this wonderful landscapes. You walk through the coastal forest to the ocean, where you find yourself in wild-romantic, palm-lined bays with rugged rock faces. In the small village of Serra Grande you will have lunch, before you spend the second half of the day on endless seeming sandy beaches, one of the most beautiful sides of Bahia.

(This tour is subject to charges)


Especially during the holidays there are times when you should just relax. This is especially beneficial at our swimming pool, from were beautiful views of the surrounding tropical landscape are revealed. In the large pond, white clouds and palm trees are reflected. Old trees, covered with bromelias and lichens, give shade, and pleasant breezes often come from the nearby ocean.